Partnering with Banks to Streamline Processes

Lendsmart provides banks of all sizes digital lending solutions to better serve their customers.


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Credit Unions

Helping Credit Unions Digitize Lending Operations

Lendsmart works with credit unions to automate and digitize their lending processes, helping them compete with banks and better serve their borrowers.

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Non-Bank Lenders

Digital Banking Solutions for All Lenders

Lendsmart works with all different types of small business and mortgage lenders to help you automate and digitize your lending operations.

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Day 1 Certainty

Day 1 Certainty® is changing the mortgage industry, and Lendsmart’s asset, income, and employment validation services supports it.

Simplify lending with tools that give you faster closing times, a better experience for your borrowers, and freedom from representations and warranties.

Day 1 Certainty helps lenders stay competitive in the market:

  • Leverage digital capabilities to reduce paperwork
  • Benefit from more component validation to better serve borrowers
  • Take advantage of more verification report choices to support your business