Our Technology

Does Lendsmart integrate with loan origination systems?

Yes, Lendsmart predicts the credit and underwriting conditions required in the loan origination process by matching them to a borrower’s data in real-time, rather than making the borrower wait over a month to hear from the underwriter.

Is Lendsmart secure and compliant?

The financial industry needs partners with proven history and commitment to excellence. The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

How do real estate agents work with Lendsmart?

Lendsmart’s marketplace brings experts and advisors together on one platform, including real estate agents to improve the home buyer’s journey.

How do you speed up asset verification?

Lendsmart’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology provides the mortgage lender with access to necessary source data, allowing for instant verification of assets.

Can accurate payroll verification actually take one minute?

Yes. We integrated our system with Argyle’s technology to deliver payroll data for more than 90 million employees. It even integrates with W2 and W9 platforms, so you can get accurate data from independent contractors and small business owners with record speed.

What does it mean to custom-brand a lending solution?

We believe the combination of a customized online experience with a commitment to customer service is the winning formula. We customize the lending process by allowing your intuition to:

  1. Build band pages (name, logo, and color palette).
  2. Choose and add your network based on the professionals you know and trust.
  3. Create a workflow that works best for you.

What APIs does Lendsmart integrate with?

We integrate with the software you already use and are familiar with to improve the application process. Lendsmart integrates with the following: Ellie Mae, Finicity, IDology, Matic, Flashspread, Notarize, BOTDOC, PubNub, SnapChat, twitter, pipl, DocuSign, facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Google, and box.

Does Lendsmart support Day 1 Certainty?

Yes, Lendsmart offers Day 1 Certainty® to simplify lending with tools that provide faster closing times, a better experience for borrowers, and freedom from representations and warranties.

The impact Lendsmart can have on your institution

How much does Lendsmart reduce the overall application process?

Our end-to-end solution reduces the overall application process by weeks, if not months. Lendsmart’s artificial intelligence technology autocompletes certain parts of the application, and it validates incoming information in real-time to provide instantaneous approvals.

Does Lendsmart expedite the HELOC process?

At Lendsmart, we expedite the HELOC process, making it more streamlined and intelligent. This solution is a 10-minute, completely digital process that offers a digital closing option. As a result, lenders can get  funding to a customer extremely quickly, often within a week.

Does Lendsmart shorten the loan origination process?

Lendsmart’s AI-powered underwriting platform underwrites loans upfront to reduce the loan origination processing time. Lendsmart predicts the credit and underwriting conditions required in the loan origination process by matching them to a borrower’s data in real-time, rather than making the borrower wait over a month to hear from the underwriter.

Does Lendsmart speed up the process of gift letters?

Lendsmart provides borrowers with a template to ensure that gift letters include all necessary information needed to be approved. For a sample of a mortgage money gift letter, visit our blog.

Can Lendsmart streamline the pre-conditional approval process?

We automate the pre-conditional approval process so we can streamline the lending experience and improve the efficiency of the transaction.

Our automated system assigns specific criteria when assessing applications. This criteria includes:

  1. The home must meet a certain appraisal value.
  2. The borrower must submit certification of current employment.
  3. The borrower must submit the most recent year’s tax return.
  4. The borrower must sell their home at or above its value.

Each borrower’s situation is different, so additional documents may be needed during the process.

Your commitment to working with us

How much does it cost to originate a loan?

The average cost to originate a loan is anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000.

Are my loan officers underwritings using the existing solution?

Underwriters will use DU or LPA from the LOS when finalizing underwriting.

What does the onboarding process look like?

To get started, we send an onboarding pack, including the assets we need from the lender. Next, we complete our first sprint to show you a demo in 2 weeks.

 To get started, schedule a demo on our website.

How much time does it take to get up & running with Lendsmart?

Lendsmart can get a client up and running in 1 Month.