Current Home buying Journey

Minimum of 16 steps from finding a home to close

Find a home
Find a lender
Complete application form
Manually upload your documents
Wait 1-3 days for pre-approval letter
Put in an offer on the home
Lender sends approval
Find home inspector
Find home insurance
Find moving company
Wait weeks for underwriter to review documents
Answer underwriter questions
Wait weeks for underwriter to conditional approval
Wait weeks for a clear toclose from underwriter
Closing date

The Lendsmart Home Buying Journey

Close on a home loan in 8 (mostly instant) steps with Lendsmart’s loan servicing software

Find your home
Work with your community bank
Auto import documents
Put in offer on your home
Instantly match all advisors
AI underwriter / clear to close
Home appraiser

Solution Ecosystem

Real-time service providers offer instant verification unifying all advisors to one centralized digital lending platform.

  • Assets
  • Income
  • Employment
  • Identify
  • Home Insurance
  • Moving Quotes

10 Minutes

To complete all the steps needed to get pre-approved


Of the home buying journey has been automated

2 Weeks

To move into your dream home (compared with normal 60 days).

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