Current Lending and Home Buying Processes are Long & Cumbersome

Lenders know that applying for a loan or home mortgage can take customers weeks, or even months, to complete.


Give up during process


Want a digital experience


Application fails


Of all mortgages: 1st time homebuyers

An Enhanced Lending & Home Buying Experience

Lendsmart’s end-to-end solution transforms the home buying and lending processes for banks and their customers.

Home Buying

A homebuying marketplace created to streamline and optimize the home buyers’ experience.

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Small Business Lending

With simple engagement and super-fast approvals, the Lendsmart platform is revolutionizing lending.

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Lendsmart has creates customized digital solutions for banks, credit unions, and non-bank lenders.

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How it Works

Lendsmart uses artificial intelligence to automate & digitize the home buying & lending processes, allowing borrowers to get a loan, refinance, or buy a home in record time.

  • Real-time service provider API
  • AI-powered underwriting process
  • Instant verification of assets, income, employment, and identity
  • Auto-completed 1003 and loan application forms
  • Import documents instantly
  • Instant quotes for related services, like home insurance and moving
  • Platform to communicate directly with your borrower

Features & Benefits

With a user-friendly customer experience and super-fast mortgage approvals, Lendsmart has revolutionized lending & home buying.

Process More Loans, Faster

Lendsmart’s platform automates and digitizes the lending process. Our clients are able to process 6x as many loans daily and our end-to-end solution reduces the overall application process by weeks, if not months.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) “Smart Helper”

Lendsmart’s custom-built AI technology makes your customer’s digital experience simple and straightforward. Our conversational AI walks the customer through each step of the process.

All-in-One Platform

We’ve built one platform to fit all your needs — view and manage application forms, upload documents, interact with customers, and assign tasks and suggest specialists. Our platform will streamline your daily tasks & operations in one digital journey.

Bring Together Experts & Advisors

Our exclusive marketplace brings experts and advisors together to one platform and can find you instant home insurance and moving quotes.

Streamline Processes Using Suite of APIs

Our suite of APIs allows you to save time and minimize manual tasks, improving accuracy and minimizing risk. We integrate with the software you’re already using or familiar with to enhance the application experience.

Custom-Branded for Your Financial Institution

Lendsmart’s solution can be white labeled and easily customized to match your company’s branding. It’s like having your own custom-built solution without the time, hassle, and cost.

Lower Costs & Boost Profitability

By adopting our digital solution, you’ll reduce time, increase efficiency, and accelerate volume, helping to bring down operating costs and increase profits.

Secure & Compliant Technology

Lendsmart’s technology is built with the highest level of encryption to provide top security to you and your customers. We ensure our technology is compliant with government legislation, industry regulations, and your internal policies.

Day 1 Certainty® is changing the mortgage industry, and Lendsmart’s asset, income, and employment validation services supports it.
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API Partner Integrations

We integrate with the software you already use and are familiar with to improve the application process.

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