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Bringing together top API partners to enhance your engagement banking platform and simplify customer experiences.

Lendsmart API Partners

Experience the Benefits of Our API Partner Network

Discover how our diverse network of API partners can streamline internal processes and enhance the customer experience.

Cost Savings

Save money by reducing the number of software subscriptions you need to purchase and manage. Our partners are seamlessly integrated into your existing systems, reducing the need for costly custom development work.

Greater Efficiency

By integrating with our partners, you can eliminate time-consuming manual processes and streamline your workflows, reducing operational costs and increasing overall efficiency.

Personalize the Client Experience

All of our API partners are fully vetted and trusted to ensure your financial services remain secure and compliant with industry regulations.

Our API Partners

Core Systems

Ellie Mae

Enables a seamless and efficient mortgage origination process, leveraging automation and real-time data exchange to drive business growth and enhance the borrower experience.


Streamline your lending process, from origination to underwriting and servicing, with powerful automation and data-driven decision-making capabilities.


A comprehensive and streamlined solution for lenders, enabling them to manage the entire loan process with ease and efficiency.

Core Banking Platform

We integrate with all the major core banking platforms.
Single Sign-On


A simple and secure way for users to access their accounts, with streamlined authentication and authorization processes that reduce the risk of security breaches.


Enable users to easily and securely access their accounts with a single set of credentials, improving the overall user experience and simplifying the login process.
Verification Service Providers


Finicity’s asset, income, and employment verification services provide a reliable and accurate solution for lenders to verify borrower information and accelerate the lending process.


Plaid’s identity and financial data verification services enable lenders to quickly and easily verify borrower information, accelerating the lending process and reducing the risk of fraud.


Plaid’s identity and financial data verification services enable lenders to quickly and easily verify borrower information, accelerating the lending process and reducing the risk of fraud.


CARFAX offers solutions to help lenders protect their auto loan portfolio and improve lending outcomes.
Document Management




DocuSign’s electronic signature solution provides a seamless and secure way for borrowers to sign and execute loan documents, reducing the time and costs associated with manual document processing.


BotDoc’s document automation and management platform enables lenders to automate document workflows and approvals, reducing errors and improving efficiency.
Communication & Support Solutions


Twilio’s communication APIs enable lenders to connect with borrowers through SMS and voice messaging, providing a simple and effective way to communicate important updates and information.


Instantly adds collaborative functionalities such as co-browsing or video chat and transform it into an interactive, multiplayer environment.
Marketplace & Concierge Services


MoveEasy’s marketplace concierge service provides borrowers with a seamless and convenient way to connect with local service providers, from movers to utilities, insurance, security and more.


Matic delivers an unbiased approach to insurance that combines a powerful digital experience with an agency of trusted advisors.