Lendsmart Partners with Matic Insurance

Published on December 1, 2020

NEW YORK, NY, Nov. 24, 2020— We are eager to announce that Lendsmart has partnered with Matic Insurance, a digital insurance agency, in order to offer banks and lenders Matic home insurance through the Lendsmart platform. 

“It’s through our partnerships with home service providers, like Matic, that we can continue offering homebuyers one digital experience, shortening the overall time to move into a home from 60 to 10 days,” said AK Patel, Founder and CEO of Lendsmart. 

Matic’s partnership means Lendsmart can provide our borrowers with instant home insurance quotes. Additionally, with over 30 carriers to provide products and pricing options, Matic can generally help save clients close to $600.

Together, Lendsmart and Matic can help financial institutions better serve their clients, and work to eliminate the stress and confusion associated with the lending and home buying journey.



About Lendsmart

Lendsmart is an AI-driven digital lending platform founded in 2018. Using artificial intelligence to digitize up to 70% of the lending and home buying processes, Lendsmart allows borrowers to get a loan, refinance, or purchase a home in record time. For more information, visit https://lendsmart.ai.

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