After investing in real estate for over 10 years, I was fed up with the cumbersome, disjointed process. Simple closes that should have taken 30 days, extended to over 60 days, because of slow approvals, manual processes, and fragmented players. As a real estate investor, I needed to get approved for loans and close properties quickly, or I would lose out financially.

I knew there had to be an easier way, so I sought out a digital experience to solve this stressful process, however, I was quickly shocked to find that all the solutions remained just as disconnected — I could find technology for buying real estate and technology for applying for a mortgage, but nothing brought the entire process together from start to finish.

As an IT executive for 15+ years, I knew there was an opportunity to solve this personal pain point. Hence, in 2018, Lendsmart was born.

With a founding team of real estate, mortgage and technology experts, we sought to make the complicated home buying process radically more simple. And have achieved just that. With Lendsmart’s artificial intelligence technology, a borrower can find a home, match with a loan officer, put in an offer, get the home appraised, and close — all in two weeks.

Not only that, the Lendsmart marketplace empowers our clients by matching them to the best realtors, lenders, attorneys, home insurance providers, and inspection specialists. We have redesigned the home buying experience and made it a source of ease and joy.

Today, we’re not stopping at home buying. As we began working with smaller lenders, like community banks and credit unions, we saw our clients also needed digital solutions to streamline their other operations and compete with bigger banks. We rapidly repurposed our proprietary technology to build solutions for small business loans, including the Paycheck Protection Program loan launched in 2020, as well as refinancing and home equity lines of credit.

And we’re just getting started! If you’re a bank, investor, or borrower, we hope you’ll join our pursuit to simplify home buying and lending, and make it easier for people to close on the homes and loans they need, faster.


AK Patel

Founder & CEO of Lendsmart


Make buying a home or taking out a loan radically simple.


Give people rapid access to capital.

Our Values


We genuinely and virtuously lead the way forward for our clients and team.


We are open and responsive to one another and our clients.


We continuously push the bar to offer our clients the highest quality standards.


We encourage each other to be stronger and more confident.


We are kind and respectful.

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