Founder & CEO - AK Patel

AK Patel

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

AK Patel is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lendsmart. He uses his expertise in financial technology and real estate investing to streamline and optimize lending, home buying operations for banks and their customers…

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Philip Gem George

Philip Gem George

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Philip Gem George is the Chief Operating Officer at Lendsmart, where he brings his expertise as a licensed mortgage loan officer, real estate agent, and real estate investor to streamline the lending process for banks and their customers…

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Philip Gem George
Kishore Neelamegam

Kishore Neelamegam

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Kishore Neelamegam is the Chief Technology Officer at Lendsmart, where he leads the development of Lendsmart’s lending and home buying technology, including their centralized platform for loan origination and artificial intelligence driven underwriting tool…

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Lendsmart Engineering Team

Vijayakanth Mathaiyan

Platform Engineer

Abbas Malangu Ravuthar

DevOps Engineer

Surbhi Sudhirbhai Nakrani

Senior Front-end Developer

Kanimozhi Kishorekumar

People Officer & QA

David Camperos

Head of API

Sachin Malik

API Engineer

Dinesh Kumar Manoharan

Senior Frontend Engineer

Sundarakrishnan Subramanian

DevOps Engineer

Vignesh Ayyamperumal

Frontend Engineer

Makesh Muthudurai

Backend Engineer

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