Lendsmart Makes HELOCs Smarter

10 Minutes

to complete all steps need to get pre-approved


Digital Application

Digital Closing Option

Up to 70%

increase in volume for applications

Here’s How Our HELOC Platform Works

Customer Acquisition

Lendsmart’s suite of tools helps you access new customers in your service area looking to apply for a HELOC. Reach them in the moments that matter, then quickly help them get a line of credit.

Documents Collected

Documents are imported with the help of our API partners. Your borrower never needs to leave the platform to complete their HELOC application.

Chat Platform Gathers Information

Our chat platform gathers important information from the borrower. Our technology can verify identity, employment, and assets to minimize risk. Our technology brings in all parties involved to unify the process.

AI Autocompletes Application

Our artificial intelligence technology autocompletes elements of the HELOC application, while validating data in real-time to provide instant approvals.

HELOC Approval & Funding

With our expedited process, lenders are able to make funds available to the applicant in record time (often within a week!).